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Craig M. Lyons Ms.D., D.D., M.Div.


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Answer for yourself: Have you ever wondered how a religion with a Jewish Rabbi (Yeshua) at the center of it so quickly became a world-religion among anti-Semitic nations within just 2 centuries? Boy, that is a good question and the answer may surprise you!

To find this answer to the above question we must begin with the Essene priests which became some of the earliest followers of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament:

Acts 6:7 7 And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith. (KJV)

It is these "priests" which were members of the group commonly referred to as "Essenes" or those of the "Qumran sect" which converted in mass to the Jesus Movement following the crucifixion of Jesus. Along with the "conversion" of these Essene priests it is of major importance to recognize that these Essenes/Qumran sect brought with them their existing religious beliefs and theologies concerning their "Teacher of Righteousness" and applied them to Jesus as well. Once we understand the role and the origin for the religious beliefs attributed to the Essene Teacher of Righteousness following his death then we can more easily see how such these same "religious beliefs" were later applied to Jesus following his crucifixion by the same Essenes. All one has to do is compare doctrine for doctrine the religious beliefs held by the Qumran sect concerning their Teacher of Righteousness and those described in the New Testament concerning Jesus.


There is evidence which indicates that, about 70 B.C.E., or soon thereafter, an Essene prophet known as the Teacher of Righteousness had been put to death by the Jewish authorities because of doctrinal, ritualistic, and organizational heterodoxy; that, in due course, his followers declared:

Answer for yourself: Where do we have to look to find the origin for such religious beliefs as were held by the Essenes concerning their beloved Teacher of Righteousness?

Answer for yourself: What do all of these above "religious beliefs" which are attributed to the Essene Teacher of Righetousness have in common?

They All Find Their Origin In Sun-Worship!

That's right; all of the above religious tenants of the Essenes as applied to their Teacher of Righteousness had been applied to almost every Aryan Gentile nations' sun-gods since time immemorial.

That in itself may not be shocking but shocking should be the fact that this same Essenes/Qumran cult would see in Jesus their "returned Teacher" and begin to apply these "solar-myths" and "sun-myths" to Jesus once they converted to the Jesus Movement. When this all settles in then you should see that many of the very core religious beliefs of Christianity concerning Jesus are nothing more than re-cycled Sun-Worship. The facts and evidence are made available further on in this web-site for your inspection.

This again explains the rapid acceptance of Christianity among the nations; those to whom the "Gospel" was preached only accepted only another "flavor" of religious beliefs concerning another "Godman" since these doctrines were already familiar to them and had been since time immemorial. To further answer the above question it becomes readily obvious, once one has the information, that the rapid acceptance of Christianity, with a Jewish Rabbi at its center, by non-Jewish nations worldwide, is attributable to the fact that these non-Jewish nations were presented nothing new with the spread of Christianity; the same religious tenants presented them were, for the most part, parallel with their prior religious beliefs taken from different manifestations of Sun-Worship. Having had to give up few of their existing religious beliefs, only modifying them slightly, one now understands the rapid advance of Christianity among Gentile nations. The vast majority of these Gentile nations, into which Christianity was to be later introduced, already had in their religious tenants the same beliefs as taken from Sun-worship that we later find the the Essene/Cult:

If you did not notice, these "personified sun-myths," as taken from almost every Gentile nation of antiquity, are to be found reproduced in their entirety in the Essene/Qumran cult. This is problematic for the Christian.


These same "religious beliefs" which the Essene/Qumran cult applied to their beloved Teacher would later be applied to Jesus by these same Essenes once they converted to the Jesus' Movement (Acts 6:7). This fact explains the two completely different pictures of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament: the Synoptic "human" Jesus and the "super-human" Jesus of the Gospel of John.

It is the belief of many scholars today that Jesus had for some years been a full-fledged member of the Qumran Order; and that, following his immersion where God spoke over him, that he was wholly persuaded that he was himself the Messiah expected by the Community, he subsequently left it and preached the Gospel to the public; and that finally, in a revised concept of his own mission, he declared himself to be the Christ, re-enacted the role and the passion of the slain Teacher, and proclaimed that in his eschatological role he would himself reappear as the last judge and the all-powerful Son of Man.

It is also the conclusion of many scholars, as well as the New Testament as well (Acts 6:7), that the core of the pristine Christian communion consisted of individual Essenes who defected to it soon after the crucifixion; that soon after the destruction of Jerusalem they came over in large numbers and constituted the Christian-Jewish communion known as the Ebionites and Nazarenes; and, finally, that many of the multifarious primitive Gnostic communions, which flourished during the early centuries of this era, bear the indelible imprint of Essene origin and influence.

But what is unknown to most Christians today is that the above "religious beliefs" attached to the Essene Teacher of Righteousness by the Essenes following his crucifixion, although foreign to Biblical Judaism, are not foreign to the Aryan nations of the world; in fact these religious tenants of the Essene/Qumran cult are the very basics of Sun-Worship known throughout the world by the non-Jewish nations.

These "personified" sun-myths of the Essene/Qumran cult can be traced from the origin of mankind and our earliest written documents of the nations reveal this along with many archeological finds;only only need start with Osiris and Egypt to find the origin of such a Godman. Not surprisingly these documents show little variation in these sun-myths among the Gentile nations down through the centuries.

What is of interest for us in our study is that these "solar myths" of the Aryan nations would eventually find their way into the Essene/Qumran community. Again this is critical once one understands how these Essene/Qumran sect becomes the backbone of the Jesus Movement.


Of major importance in our study are the reasons why such "sun-myths" would be accepted by this Essene/Qumran group which began as a fiercely Judaizing program at their beginning. Once one understands the history and the dynamic developments which occurred that pushed this staunchly Jewish fraction away from Judaism then one is better equipped to understand how they would desert from Biblical Judaism over the span of 250 years and adopt a religious philosophy which has more in common with Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, and Pythagoreanism than Judaism. Once one understands the momentous developments that occurred that influenced these "pious ones" during the Inter-Testamental years then he is better equipped to understand not only the religious evolutions of the Qumran sect but how they could develop into an esoteric cults of celibate-communist apocalypticists at the end which rejected Judaism in toto.

It is to these developments we now must turn momentarily. But first, having been acquainted with the Essenes and astro-theology, the end result of such solar-mythology is the personification of sun-myths that find their ultimate expression in Sun-worship and Godmen. It is to this "pattern" of Godmen adopted by the Essenes we now turn.

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